Sunday, February 3, 2013

CONTACT, CANADA - Montreal, Quebec

Payment partners of CONTACT are over 1000 legal entities - commercial banks, trading enterprises, insurance and travelling companies and their agents, Internet providers, communication operators and others. The countries of Europe within the scope of these tariffs include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Guadeloupe, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mayotte, Malta, Martinique, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, San Marino, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia. Every year the services of the system are used by dozens of millions of customers around the world.

CONTACT, CANADA - Montreal, Quebec

CANADAMontreal, Quebec9145-6186 Quebec IncCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 504 Rue Beaubien Est, ZIP:H2S 1S5514 270 55 44
CANADAMontreal, Quebec9171-0038 Quebec IncCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 3296-3290 B Rue St Antoine West, ZIP:H4C 1A7
CANADAMontreal, QuebecA M T EnvoieCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 3250 Boul Cremazie Est Suite 7709, ZIP:H2A 3N9
CANADAMontreal, QuebecBcee s Internet CafeCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 05522 Chemin Cote St Luc, ZIP:H3X 2C8(514) 483-0300
CANADAMontreal, QuebecBoutique X CiteCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 1644 Henri- Bourassa Est, ZIP:H2C 1H9(514) 858-5102
CANADAMontreal, QuebecBureau De Change Hoang OanhCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 7182 Rue Saint Denis, ZIP:H2R 2E2514-272-3838
CANADAMontreal, QuebecCitrine IncCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 6790 Rue Saint Hubert, ZIP:H2S 2M6514 279 5534
CANADAMontreal, QuebecDepanneur Boni RDPCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 9720 4E Rue, ZIP:H1C 1T2(514) 494-6777
CANADAMontreal, QuebecExpresse InternationaleCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 5830 Boulevard Gouin Ouest, ZIP:H4J 1E4(514) 333-5450
CANADAMontreal, QuebecFive Star IPM IncCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 2178 Sainte-Catherine St W, ZIP:H3H 1M7(514) 846-0221
CANADAMontreal, QuebecKim Nguyen IncCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 7057 Rue Saint Denis, ZIP:H2S2S5
CANADAMontreal, QuebecLatin Express Courier IncCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 7100 Rue St-Hubert 202, ZIP:H2S2M9(514) 270-1161
CANADAMontreal, QuebecLatin InternationalCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 3605 Est Rue Belanger, ZIP:H1X 1B2435-333-0556
CANADAMontreal, QuebecMarche MaccaCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 834 Rue De Liege Ouest, ZIP:H3N 1B4
CANADAMontreal, QuebecMondial Express Multi-ServicesCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 8387 Boulevard Saint-Michel, ZIP:H1Z 3E7(514) 593-0404
CANADAMontreal, QuebecRia Store CE1 (Pie-IX)CANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 10787 boul Pie-IX, ZIP:H1H 4A9
CANADAMontreal, QuebecRia Store CE3 (Jean-Talon)CANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 412 rue Jean-Talon O, ZIP:H3N 1R 2
CANADAMontreal, QuebecRia Store S1 ( St Denis )CANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 5065 St Denis, ZIP:H2J 2L9
CANADAMontreal, QuebecRia Store S12 (MachiPichu-Express)CANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 7012 Rue Saint Hubert, ZIP:H2S 2M9(514) 508-6232
CANADAMontreal, QuebecRia Store S13 (Hubert)CANADA, Montreal, Quebec, St Hubert, ZIP:H2R 2N1(514)-419-8500
CANADAMontreal, QuebecRia Store S3 (Ontario)CANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 4044 Ontario East, ZIP:H1W 1T2
CANADAMontreal, QuebecRia Store S4 ( Atwater )CANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 514 Atwater, ZIP:H4G 2Y5
CANADAMontreal, QuebecRia Store S5 ( Jean-Talon )CANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 781 Jean-Talon East, ZIP:H2R 1T9
CANADAMontreal, QuebecRia Store S6 ( Cote -Des-Neiges)CANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 5821 Cote-des-Neiges, ZIP:H3S 1Z2
CANADAMontreal, QuebecRia Store S7 ( St Laurent- Decaire)CANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 999 Decaire St Laurent, ZIP:H4L 3M6
CANADAMontreal, QuebecService Rapide PlusCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 7096 St Hubert, ZIP:H2S 2M9(514) 278-1930
CANADAMontreal, QuebecService Union Mondiale PlusCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 1863 Sainte-Catherine St W, ZIP:H3H 1M2(514) 937-5192
CANADAMontreal, QuebecServices Monetaires ForexgoCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 8141 Boulevard Pie-IX, ZIP:H1Z 3T5(514) 928-0688
CANADAMontreal, QuebecShome ImmobilierCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 01221 Rue Charlevoix, ZIP:H3K 2Z7(514) 439-3181
CANADAMontreal, QuebecTrans AmericaCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 905 Belanger, ZIP:H2S-1G9514-273-9959
CANADAMontreal, QuebecTrans Paq IncCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 419 Belanger Est, ZIP:H253T9(514)495-7888
CANADAMontreal, QuebecTransworld IICANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 6700 Chemin De La Cote Des Neiges Local 124, ZIP:H3S 2B9
CANADAMontreal, QuebecUnimundo InternationalCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 4074 Saint- Laurent Blvd, ZIP:H2W1Y8(514) 847-1648
CANADAMontreal, QuebecVarietes LatortueCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 3191 Rue Jarry Est, ZIP:H1Z 2E1(514) 983-1234
CANADAMontreal, QuebecVene-TransfertsCANADA, Montreal, Quebec, 2524 Jean-Talon Est Metro Iberville, ZIP:H2A 1T7(514) 374-1888

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